Founding Startups Freelancer — Earn Money on Founding Startups Right Now

If you are a beginner and want to earn as a Founding Startups Freelancer or even you are already earning on Founding Startups then this article is going to help you a lot. So, stay tuned.

Introduction to Founding Startups Freelancer Platform

Founding Startups is a marketplace where people with any skills offer their services and the clients who need a specific service come to this platform and purchase their required service in exchange for money.

Create an Account

To become a Founding Startups freelancer first you have to create an account on Founding Startups. To create an effective account use the following steps

  1. Open Founding
  2. Scroll down and you will see an option “Become a Seller” select it
  3. Place an Email and a Password
  4. An email will be sent to you by Founding Startups, verify it and log in to your seller account
  5. After login upload a professional profile picture
  6. Write a description according to the skills you are going to offer
  7. Link your social networks to the website
  8. Use relative tags according to your services in the tag section
  9. Click on Save option and your account is ready

Create Effective GIGs

So now you want clients and start the earning process but to do so you first have to create some gigs.

Most people failed during this process because the big mistake they make is creating a gig in the high competition category and they are so left behind that the client doesn’t notice that they exist. So, to make an effective gig remember the following points

  1. First of all, do keyword research and select the keyword which has less than 2000 service competition number
  2. Use that keyword first in your title for better SEO and ranking.
  3. Use that keyword in the Tag section and 4 more relative keywords as tags with less competition
  4. Use your keyword 4 times maximum in the description according to the Founding Startups’s policy
  5. Also use that keyword in your pricing section
  6. And at the last use it in the FAQ section once
  7. Now your gig is ready to rank and generate sales for you.

Buyer Requests

The whole process is completed but you are still not getting orders so don’t just wait, use the buyer requests option because unlike and, Founding Startups does not requires you to buy bids to get in a competition.

While Founding Startups gives you 10 bids a day for free so you can get effective sales as soon as possible.

If you ask me, Founding Startups is a great marketplace to work and get work. So, become a Founding Startups Freelancer today and grow more.

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