The elements that uplift a business in a short time are a creative business model, stable financial backing, and promotion of the business. These elements can be implemented in a productive way when a creative co-founder is also in the participation. The start of the business can be made successful and progressive with the collaboration of the cofounder. To start a business by co-founders makes a great difference rather than one. The co-founders can work more efficiently and briskly with high quality. The two partners can share their ideas and plans to improve and accelerate the business growth, both can point out the negative things that are damaging financial growth.

Factors needed to become successful co-founders: some factors have made co-founders successful and progressive. Some of the most important are mentioned here:

1.            Both should trust each other in every situation: it is a famous maxim that “business is the name of trust” and when the trust is missing then the cooperation could not exist for a long time. Both partners should respect the decisions of another and never try to see the steps of each other with a dubious eye. Both partners should make this possible that everyone is playing its role in the business partnership.

2.            Having distinct skills and techniques: it is obvious that all humans are not the same in any form. Everyone is different from another in some field. Like some people have expertise in marketing whiles other have in financial sums. So when two partners have different skills then the skills of the one can balance the mistakes of the other one and vice versa.

3.            Having the passion for success equally: passion in any work is very important because it drives you to acquire your goals. When two founders have this passion in equal form then progress would become possible in a short time. Both would spend their talent and time in the achievement of their mutual motto without any complaint. Both would become the power of each other and the business would touch the heights of success.

4.            United in the difficult times: the real test of the partners starts when business collapses and this is the time when real co-founders never leave to each other and work together to overcome this situation.

Platforms to find co-founders: these are the following platforms from where co-founders can be found:

1.            Social media: social media is one of the biggest platforms where you can find a partner to assist you in your business. Those social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, and many more are the available sources to achieve.

2.            Online websites: there are numerous online websites, those are providing a mutual platform to get a partner. These are some most reliable websites to get co-founders; CoFoundersLab, Startup Weekend, FoundeDating, Founder2be, CodeArmy, etc.

3.            From the local business sphere: this is also included in finding business partners. The local startup events are the place where business partnerships are set up for a long term.

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