If you are wondering that how does a Freelancer make Money? How did the whole journey start? and how much does a freelancer evolves during the process? Here on this blog, we will explain from the beginning to advance phase of the money-making process.

Beginner to Advanced (Reality)

A freelancer is an independent person who offers services and time to people in order to solve their problems. A freelancer is neither an employee nor a businessman rather it comes in between these two categories. A Freelancer works independently and sometimes works under a specific company or a client.

Now let’s talk about the phases of a Freelancer

Skill building

First of all, a freelancer learns a skill according to his taste and his interest. Because without skill, a freelancer is just a normal guy with no problem-solving ability. The skill can be based on any kind of service like:

  1. Article writing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. WordPress Development
  4. Digital Marketing skills
  5. Social Media Marketing expert
  6. Professional Video Editing
  7. Mobile App Development skills
  8. YouTube SEO

Joining an Online Earning Platform

The primary phase of this person is to join a beginner freelancing platform like Fiverr, Upwork, etc where he makes an account creates a gig, and waits for his first order.

At the starting of Fiverr, a freelancer offers his services at a very low cost starting from just $5, and over time he starts making more money from different clients by solving different problems and creating unique content.


Now the second phase comes when a freelancer has its plate full of different projects and clients. He does not have the time to manage all the work and some tasks are too basic for him that it will waste his time.

Then he starts outsourcing by giving his client’s projects to other freelancers or a newbie at ¼ price of what he is getting paid from his high paying clients.

Passive Income

The final phase of making money is generating a source of Passive Income. At this phase, he is tired of doing orders for different companies and businesses.

There comes a time when a freelancer’s brain cannot bear the burden of such work and he begins to retire.

At that stage, he generates an online business using his skills or even multiple sources of income like:

  1. A Website approved by Google AdSense 
  2. An Affiliate Website to generate passive sales
  3. E-Commerce Store
  4. YouTube Channel and teaching his skills to others
  5. An e-book
  6. Launch his product at Amazon

These are all resources of Passive Income and the journey of a freelancer. Now you get the answer that how does a freelancer make money.

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