The network of freelancing is surging day by day. Every day many newcomers are offering their services and they are earning a lot of money. The work in the freelance market places is in a huge amount, so the need of the freelancers is quite clear. The platforms where the freelancers can get work are also increasing day by day. Every year new platform is introduced for the facilitation of both clients and freelancers to offer their services. The reason why there is the need for more and more platforms is that the work is increasing day by day so to compensate for the amount of work new platforms are introduced.

The problem faced by most of the new freelancers is that they don’t know where to start working and set up their base for their career. Here we are discussing some most important resources from where freelance work can get.

1.            Freelance market places: this is the biggest platform to get the work. There are many freelance websites, from where a new freelancer can get their work. Here we are discussing some important websites :

a.            Fiverr: it is one of the biggest freelance websites. On this website every day, thousands of jobs are posted related to many skills including graphic design, writing, SEO optimization, video editing, and many others. The main benefit of this website is that the new freelancers can get from 5$ to thousands. There is no strict registration policy. When you are working on the Fiverr, then if your performance is satisfactory you can move into the next levels. When you get a positive review and rating then you can get more work.

b.   this website is also considered one of the biggest for freelancers. Here one of the biggest companies posts their projects. The budget of these projects ranges to thousands of dollars. Experienced freelancers are preferred on this site. The negative thing about this website is that it doesn’t accept the request of any new or inexperienced freelancer.

c.    this website also provides work to its freelancers. On this website, the projects related to many skills are posted that contain a huge budget.

d.    this website is also recommended for fresh freelancers. On this website, a lot of projects are posted.

2.            From social media sites: except the freelance marketplaces, the freelance work is also posted on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. On these social media sites, the new freelancers can get a lot of work. To find the new work, join the groups or pages related to your skill. In these groups every day the freelancers who have got the bulk of work from big clients to post their work to do it in a short time and low budget. So it is the best site for the new freelancers who are searching to get work. They must explore these social media sites and acquire a lot of work.

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