This is the era of science and technology. The internet is overwhelming every field and part of our life. Our life without the internet is impossible now a day, looking at the conditions created by us. Today most of our daily life activities and businesses are transferred on the internet instead of traditional ways. Through the internet, huge companies are handling their business throughout the world by setting up a well-arranged system. Freelancing is also the part of the internet that has made business and commercial life easier and comfortable. Every day in the freelance market places, thousands of jobs are posted related to different skills. Where the earning of the individual is so satisfactory that a talented and professional freelancer can earn thousands of dollars in a month.

When you are starting your freelance career, then there must be some difficulties and obstacles in earning a suitable amount of money. As a new seller, most of the freelancers could not get the work due to some reasons. As a result, they leave this field saying that there is nothing in doing work as a freelancer. But actually, there must be some crucial mistakes in their profile or skills, due to which they are not getting work. In the following points, we will discuss some tips or job hunting techniques that can prove helpful for you to move your career.

1.            Get expertise in your skill: it does not matter what skill you have, but the thing that carries a lot of importance is your expertise in your skill. When you are proficient in your skill then no one can deny his job to offer you. So first of all, before going to get the work on freelance marketplaces you must get a grip over your skill. You should know everything related to your skill. Because when you are an expert in your field then, you can perform the work of the client fantastically. When you are showing your profile on the freelance marketplaces as an expert seller, and you show your expertise by your work. Then day by day you will be connected with more and more clients and your earnings would increase drastically.

2.            Must have a beautiful portfolio: the importance of a portfolio can never be ignored. The portfolio depicts that what you have done in the past. When you are offering your portfolio to your clients on your profile then they would consider you among the top sellers. When a client visits the profile of any seller and also finds the portfolio, from your portfolio he can assume that what kind of work you can do. He would contact me first of all because your work is according to his requirements.

3.            Set up good communication skills:  As a freelancer, the importance of stable communication can be understood by the fact that when you are systematically communicating with your client then you are winning the trust and confidence of your client.

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